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2 yr and 7 months onld baby with semi solid stool not eating properly and complains of stomach ache..for last 5 days

Respected dr  i have a 2 yr 7 months  old daughter. last friday we were on a trip in train. she ate sundal in train and ext  day morning she had sort of vomitting sensation and she dnt vomit instead saliva only came out of her mouth.then settled after getting down from train. Then she refused to take anything almost 2 days she did not take anything except 3 or 4 mouths each time. from last saturday her stools are semi solid type it was initially green in colour.( went to motion only once or twice a day). after coming back went to local dr he gave her medicine for loose motion Entrogermina 1 vial per day and folinz tablet 1/2 per day for 5 days. i am giving her. However i dont think it s a diarrhea. she complaints of stomach ache after passing to motion. and when she s hungry i dono if she is saying purposely or just to take attention because she s normal when someone carry her. 
Now her this stools are still semi solid. either goes to toilet once or max twice only. also usually when she has food her stomach will become big and after digestion it will become small now its not becoming flat appears bloated. but her intake is comparitively better than last saturday sunday and monday. I dono if its because of indigestion or something else. Pls can u guide me on this? 

In: Child & Teen Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

This was nothing but infection in  stomach. The medications given are enough to deal with this problem. This is not diarrhea or indigestion but just infection.

Just take the complete course of the medicine. Also there is positive sign as you mentioned that she is getting better from past few days.

Thank you Support

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