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8th Month of my pregnancy. i have a doubt about my baby position.

Hi, I am 8th month of my pregnancy. (32weaks, 25 years) Doctors told me that the baby position is down. i have a small doubt hereafter the baby position will change up or stay down ah. Please suggest me………

In: Pregnancy, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

This condition is called Placenta Previa. In normal cases placenta is attached higher in the uterus away from cervix but in rare cases as in your it lies low in uterus near cervix. If this is diagnosed early in 5th month of pregnancy then the chances are good of getting normal on its own as lower uterus grows with advancing pregnancy.
If not diagnosed in early pregnancy the you must take your extra care. See if you have any bleeding immediately consult your doctor and if there is no bleeding with low placenta then avoid sex or any vaginal examination in which there is something inserted for check up. Rest be in touch with gynecologist and follow the instructions.
Late detected placenta previa don’t correct on their own. But there is nothing to worry, check for any sort of bleeding and regularly contact/follow gynecologist.

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