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about body growth and nightfall ,

sir i am 17 ,50 kg.i am 5’6.sir my height is not increasing from 2-3 years,also my body is not growing as it should.
i m suffering from nightfall from 3 years ( 2-3 in a week)
sir my parents have good height , but i too short.sir can i grow more , please advice me to have a better body growth.
sir i m ready to do anything for it but please be natural.

In: Child & Teen Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

First of all about night fall; if it is happening regularly then it is matter of concern otherwise 1 or twice a month is normal.
We will recommend for Asparagus capsules along with Gokshura capsules one each twice a day after meal with Milk.
This combination will help in strengthening the and supporting the uro genital system. As far as height is concerned it mostly depends on hereditary factor. As you are just 17yrs the body grows rapidly between 16-20yrs and then growth rate slows down b/w 21-24ys and then finally stops. So we will recommend to have good healthy balanced diet with light work out and stretching exercises but not weight lifting ones.

Thank you Support

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