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About weakness

Sis,i m new user of ur i came frst time here n joined too.sis,i m 21year old boy and An Engg. Student.i am vry serious about my iz caused of masterbation since 4 years .sm time daily n sm time,aftr a aftr loss,i alwz felt dat i have done bad 4 my health.n i ll never do again again aftr sm time,i did i didnt do since 1 finally,nw really,i m flng vry wknss in ma body.n also in penis.whn i read or see some sexual content,then some liquid come out.i eat good bt due to my mis routine of diet,i  hv bcm weak.,so sir,plz help me in ths wth such cost that i can do it.i ll b ur thankful .

In: Men's Health, Posted 4 years ago

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Answer #1

Hello and greetings from

General body weakness, fatigue, low back ache, headaches, anemia and body aches etc are all signs of weakness or low vitality. Sometimes our body is not able to recharge itself or feels discharged and exhausted even after small physical work. There may be no any sign of disease and diets may be normal but weakness keeps on increasing.

Shilajit is the medicine of choice for general weakness in body.  It is the best natural medicine to restore body`s youth, stamina and energy. It increases vitality and immunity of body. It helps body to fight diabetes , UTI`s, Blood born diseases, aging, hypertension, sex problems and many other problems. Use medicine for minimum two three months and get complete benefit. Just increase water intake and add fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.


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Answer #2

Thanx alottt  sir.,,i m vry thnkfull to u.n thnx to gv my Answr.
Sir,i wana tell u that i am an Engg. student too.and thus since 3 year due to hard college schedule,i could not care about my diet .may b ths iz one of the reason.sir,plz tl me,from where,i can buy ths madicine in my city.and what iz the price of ths.?

Sir,there iz sm pain in my head n middle part of back.n i alwayz get tired aftr sm small work n get  wknss too.

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Answer #3

N sir,plz tl abt dat why do some water type drop comes out after coming any sexual content in ma mind  for a moment.??
 Sir,tell me full diet for a day.i belong to a middle class family.n wht  works should i do to put my mind from dirty cntents? 

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Answer #4

I mean dat away from DIRTY CONTENTS.

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Answer #5


Hello and greetings from

If you have a habit of practicing over masturbation than start diverting yourself whenever you feel urge to masturbate. You can engage yourself to some work or can thing anything that you like or try to be in group of friend or family. Also you can start with light exercise daily or meditation as this will help in providing to strong will power.

Please read below link for semen leakage:

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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Answer #6

Thanx alot..
Nw i hv totaly left ths bad work.i wana its true that i really passed my almost time with alone person and feel lonely and ‘i will do as u guide me.
Cause,i have a long life and i wana enjoy it.thnx sir.,i am vry thnkfl of u.

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Answer #7

Sir,plz tell,frm where In INDIA,I can buy this shilajit across U.P State or Delhi NCR Meerut,Ghaziabad,Noida or me,plz .i m waiting ur reply.and what iz its Price??plzz…

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Answer #8

Sir,i am waiting 4 ur answr.plz if it is not in India.then tell other medicine,which,i can get from ayurvedic medical stores.plz tl me n help me.tell other medicine like capsules or tab,if shilajit iz nt availble in india…

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Answer #10

Sir,i stil dint get ur product by myself in my aftr apprmate 1 and half mnth later(i didnt masterbt),nw i feel  thick in cum and whn i feel  sex,then the erection comes automatica£ly and it stnd up fully and try to meet my i am feeling well than i am still not leaving this bad habit.,
sir,plz tell how cn i leave ths totally??and tell me about my present penis condition???

Answers Answered By: nainu Level Rating3 points
Answer #11

Hello and Greetings from
We appreciate that you are trying to overcome this habit.To overcome masturbation, you can practice some yogasanas and meditation (dhyana). This helps in developing capability to stick to your decision. Do not look at arousing postures and video clips, do not read any kind of erotic material that may incline you again towards masturbation. Please visit our support team at [email protected] for queries related placing orders.



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Answer #12

Thank u sir 4 ur i hv get SHILAJEET GOLD.,FRM MY CITY.BT I AM IN A FIX DAT,IT S A PRODUCT BY DABUR COMPANY LIKE DABUR SHILAJT it good n same as u guide me 4 that prdct.?can i use ths Shilajeet.its in the form of capsules…plz reply as sn as psbl..

Answers Answered By: nainu Level Rating3 points

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