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after being cured from a disease called typhoid fever

last week I found out that he has a typhoid fever so he was admitted to the hospital for almost 3 days of stay, there were 4 injectibles antibiotics injected on his dextros and even we were in our home he still have to take the antibacterial medicine particularly “cefixime” for 7 days.My question is that after being cured from typhoid fever, is there any available vaccines to prevent it happen again?

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

The main cause of Typhoid Fever is consumption of unhealthy/contaminated water or food. This is a kind of bacterial infection due to S.Typhi or S. paratyphi. Antibiotics play a vital role in treatment of Typhoid as you are currently getting.
This is highly infectious disease. Patient should be given complete bed rest and should follow the liquid diet. water should be given in adequate quantity to prevent dehydration and also water should be boiled first.
Pomegranate juice is very good including the sugar and salt solution with boiled water. Food should be properly cooked and eat boiled food equal to room temperature.

Read more about the symptoms and natural treatment of Typhoid fever at link given below;

Thank you Support

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