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After one and half yrs of merriage got no child. Azoospermia or no spermotozoa seen in my semen analysis

I have  azoospermia or nill sperm , am 35 yrs age. Is it curable with medicine or any other treatment for it? If it is curable, suggest some medicines or best treatment fpr it.                                                                                                              Thanking you

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvediccure

The absence of sperm in seminal fluid is called Azoospermia. Azoospermia is a major cause of infertility in males. For this one needs to know that whether the Azoospermia is obstructive or non obstructive. Absence of the sperm while ejaculation does not mean that the sperm was not produced by the testis but it failed to ejaculate outside the penis. If there is any blockage in reproductive tract it comes under obstructive category which require surgical treatment. if surgery is not successful, sperm can be taken from the testicles through technique called Surgical Sperm Removal (SSR), a form of male fertility treatment. It is becoming an increasingly popular form of azoospermia treatment.

If the cause is inadequate number of sperms in the semen due to stress, genetical reason, dietary insufficiency, or over masturbation that has decreased the number of sperm so you can take help with herbal products like Kapikachhu capsules This will help in increasing the spem count and Gokshuru capsules Take one capsule each twice a day after meals.

Increase milk, dry fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables etc in your diet. Drink 4-5 litres of water daily.


Further queries are always welcome.


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