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Anus problems related to urine. I am getting very pain and burning when going to toilet.


I have problem in my anus. When i am going for Toilet i am getting blood with it and there is lump skin in anus surrounding area. Urine also i am getting very pain. Pl tel me what is my problem

In: Prostate Problems, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

We will recommend to get urine sample tested to check out for any kind of infection in Urinary tract.

Also start with Gokshura capsules twice a day. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins in the body. This capsule will help in any kind of urinary tract infection as burning sensation while urination is indicative of infection. Avoid cheese, dairy products, coffee, alcoholic beverages, spicy foods, rich foods, fatty foods, and chocolate.

Also get the ano rectal examination of the anus done by the anorectal surgeon for any chances of Piles. Avoid constipation.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Alice Level Rating1717 points

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