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atrial septal defect, or ASD(os) in heart

“Dear Dr, I am sam .Age 38.height:158cm,weight:58.I I have problem ASD(OS).I will given my MC report , Kindly suggestion to my report.
1).M-mode and Two Dimensions Echocardiography IVC- Right side, IVC drains into-Right atrium, Pulmonary Veins drains into- Left atrium, Right atrium/Right ventricle-Dilated, Left Ventricle (LVEd-28mm,LVEs28mm, LVEF-65-Normal, Anatomical RV with Tricuspid valve-Right side, Anatomical LV with Mitral Valve-Left side, Cleft in anterior mitral leaflet-Absent, Positions of atrio – ventricular valve annuli- Normal, Size, shape and thickness of right ventricle-Normal, Size, shape and thickness of left ventricle-Normal, Aorta-Right side and connected LV, Pulmonary artery-Anterior, left side connected to RV, Relationship of aortic and pulmonary valve planes- Perpendicular+ Normal, Intracardiac shunts-Medium size of ASD-OS-Type 15mm, Mitral regurgitation-Nil, Pulmonary hypertension-Nil, Ventricular dysfunction-Nil
2)Doppler study:
Mitral regurgitation-Nil, Valvular stenosis-Nil, Left ventricular out flow tract obstruction-Nil, Right ventricular out flow tract obstruction-Nil, Pulmonary Hypertension-Nil, Coarctation of aorta-Nil, Shunt-medium size ASD (os) Lt to Rt shunt 1.5:1
I consulted cardiology Doctor M.D,DNB,DM, He was suggestion to me.Not necessary close this Cole.So what’s ur suggestion.pls give clear answer.I am daily going walking(3 km :20mints )and I am waiting ur Ans0. kindly explain me about my Medical report.I must take close this cole?or?our doctor told me,this very small cole so,not necessary close.
I want close this cole in your ayurvedic treatment.please give details about my Medical report.
Thanking u”

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic cure

Individuals with ASD are at an increased risk for developing a number of complications including: Heart failure,Pulmonary over circulation, Pulmonary hypertension and may be stroke.

Diet plays important role as not to increase lipid profile and carbohydrates. daily exercise should be as told by doctor.

As far as products are concerned so till now there are no medication available for this.

Thank you Support

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