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Ayurvedic cure for kidney stone treatment

I have very large size stone in both are kidneys. Please give me a suggestion for the treatment of kidney stone.

In: General Health,Kidney Problems, Posted 8 years ago

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Kidney stones are very painful and needs immediate treatment to avoid any loss to harm to kidney which is very important organ. Small kidney stones are easily washed out by regular use of ayurvedic and herbal medicines. Stones which are very large interfere with the normal functioning of kidney and distort the original anatomy of kidneys. This may result in kidney damage or renal failure if not treated in time. Big kidney stones are better removed by surgery and latest surgery techniques have reduced the pain and hospitalization time both. But still if stones are not so large and surgery is not possible immediately you should take Rencare regularly to dissolve and crush kidney stones naturally. This herbal medicine restores the kidney functions and accelerates urine output to get rid of stones and crystals as soon as possible. All types if kidney stones are dissolved by regular use of this herbal medicine for three to four months or more if stones are more and biog. Increase water intake and do not suppress the urge for urination. Mild bleeding and infections are associated with kidney stones which are also cleared side by side by these medicines. So take medicines regularly to get rid of pain, stone and avoid damage to kidney.


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