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Ayurvedic Treatment for Alzeimer’s Disease

What are the home remedies for treating moderate to severe dementia?

which ayurvedic medines can I give regularly to a patient of 65 years suffering from alzeimer’s disease?

In: Herbal Remedies, Posted 8 years ago

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Alzheimer Disease is the most common form of dementia and is a brain disorder. It is caused by the decreased synthesis of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine.In this case we propose the nervine tonic. The earliest observable symptoms are often mistakenly thought to be ‘age-related’ concerns, or manifestations of stress. In the early stages, the most commonly recognised symptom is inability to acquire new memories, such as difficulty in recalling recently observed facts.
Brahmi and Ashwagandha.
These medicines prevent the loss of the neurotransmitters ans other body substances that cause the loss of sleep,restlessness, fatigue and general disability.

Ashwagandha. it is the best stress reliever in case of ALZHEIMER disease. As the patient is often restless it relaxes the body and mind.
Brahmi it is a rejuvenating herb for nerve cell. Prevents ageing of the brain cells,neurotransmitter level is maintained by the herb

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