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because of over masturbation right ball size has been increased and pain in right testicle

because of over masturbation right ball size has been increased and pain in right testicle. I will not masturbate from now.. will they turn back how they were previously?? I am feeling so sad.. plz give some advice.. 🙁

In: Penis Health, Posted 4 years ago

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Avoid practicing over masturbation as you started facing its ill effects.You need strong determination to get rid of the masturbation.  You must be aware of the fact that Masturbation can give the pleasure for few minutes but later on results in many sexual problems if over practiced. This determination is the first step. After you have made this decision, then observe the following specific guidelines.

Never read pornographic material. Change your thought patterns. Avoid being alone at home. Try to be in the company of the family as much as possible. Never involve in the erotic discussions or do not watch any adult stuff.  Keep your mind busy with anything you like whenever you are free. Start regular yoga, pranayama to relax your mind.

Take Gokshura capsules Its tonic properties act as supporting agents for urinary genital area and boosts overall  penis health. Take one capsule once a day after meals. You are advised to see your health care provider for physical examination of testis to rule out inflammation or any other cause.


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Answer #2

Thank you!! Now I’ve stopped masturbating. Normally there is no pain. But when I try to masturbate (Just  to check whether the pain exists or not) there is a pain in right testicle. And also I observed that when I try to masturbate my left testicle is normal and right testicle is somewhat harder (where the pain is existing). How much time will it take to become normal? Shortly I will start Gokshura capsules also as you suggested. Thankyou so much!!

Answers Answered By: naveen369 Level Rating3 points

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