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Breast enhancing products for increasing manboobs

Being a man that acquired/grew manboobs in his teens, and has seen them get more rounded and fuller over the years (despite not putting weight/fat on in other areas) can I assume I will respond particuarly well to breast enhancing products? I appear to be a man (with regret) with a natural trait towards having breasts and certainly have something for creams and pills to work on. So are all those many breast enhancing products definitely worth a go, even by a man, and specifically in this instance, one like me already with small boobs? An acquaintance of mine is interested in increasing the size of my manboobs (as if their not big enough!) and making them even more female looking- can she purchase with confidence, and for what will likely be a long course, spend quite a lot of money in the process, some breast enhancing products to be used on me, or being that I’m a man, is it most likely just a waste of time and money? Any advice/product recommendations would be gratefully appreciated.

In: Breast Enlargement, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Sorry we do not have products for male breast enhancement.

Thank you Support

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