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Breast Enlargement

Hi. I have a few questions about natural breast enlargement.

I know you have recommended nano breast cream and the capsules but is this the best combo for increasing breast size? What is the difference between the nano breast cream and the breast cream?

Are there any adverse affects? Like with hair growth, gaining inches in the waist, changes in periods due to the hormones in the pills, problems with breast feeding for future pregnancies, or anything else to know about?

Also, if my breast size is 32B, what size should i expect to have when I am done using this product? All of your products say they firm the breasts but I want to make sure that they do actually increase breast size as well. How long would I need to use it for and when I am done using it will my breasts just go back to being a 32B or will they stay the increased size?

One more question…I was looking at the 60 day money back guarantee but I couldn’t find the page with the full information. Will used bottles be able to be returned or only unused bottles? And would it be a full refund or how will that work?

Can you send me some links to testimonials from women who have used these products so I know what results to expect?

Thank you for your time in answering my questions. I am sorry that I have so many I just want to be sure that I get all the information I can on these products so I can know which product is best to buy and use to get the results that I want.

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Answer #1

Also…if I am nervous to take capsules to help increase my breast size, will the cream work well alone? What makes the capsules safe to take?

Answers Answered By: Jess5 Level Rating2 points
Answer #2

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Yes nano breast cream is bit advanced than breast cream so the price is also more.
We have recommended you the combination because chances of the product action increases in combination. Capsules will enhance the action of the cream. These are herbal and safe without side effects.
These are not recommended for pregnant women, breast feeding mothers and women who are diagnosed with any medical condition of breast.
We normally recommend the minimum usage of three months for desired results but can be prolonged depending upon the results.
Also we accept return of unused bottles and the refund is issued minus shipping charges.

Read more about the products at

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Mosley Level Rating1292 points
Answer #3

Thank you for your quick response. I just have a couple more clarification questions.

I know these products are not recommended for those pregnant or breast feeding, but will it affect those things if I were to get pregnant later on down the road after I stop using the product?

With the minimum 3 month usage, how much should that increase my breast size on average? From a 32B what size should be expected? This way I know whether the product is working as it should or if I have delusions about how well it will work.

Also, after the 3+ months of usage, when I stop using the product will my results stay or will they go away without continued use beyond these 3 months?

Is the refund a full refund or just a partial refund for the unused bottles?

Answers Answered By: Jess5 Level Rating2 points
Answer #4

How long do refunds take? Is the 60 days from when we get the product or order the product? I just want to make sure I know when the deadline is for refunds just in case I’m not getting my results because I don’t want to just waste some money for a product that will not work.

Answers Answered By: Jess5 Level Rating2 points

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