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can I be ok again?

i am most grateful to God for making me discover this site after several years, because my spirit is telling me that my problem could be an effect of my over masturbation, that was what prompted me to search for the effect of masturbation. DR. i started masturbating at the age of 9yrs old i didn’t know how i learnt it or who taught me, when i got to age 16 i discovered that each time i masturbated i feel very weak and my penis become flaccid and i will not come up again untill after several hours, this continue untill age 18 when i discovered that one day i was playing with my girl friend and i did not feel arouse, this course for worrisome but i could not leave my habit of masturbating. now i am 28yrs old and i had left the habit 4yrs ago but once in a while i still do it. Now i dont use to feel arouse again and my male organ has become very weak, my body no longer move even if i see the nakedness of a woman. i have been going from one place to the other and i have spent huge amount of money on it but all to no avail. i am really convinced and worried and i feel like committing suicide. pls what can i do, can i ever be ok again? pls copy a reply to my mail box.

In: Erectile Dysfunction, Posted 7 years ago

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