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Can i eveaginal discharger get pregnant again after foul smelling vaginal discharge

I have had 4 abortions in the last 6years. After the last abortion, i have had two occasions where i had a foul smelling discharge. Also, i have had unprotected sex at least twice but did not fall pregnant. Will i ever get pregnant again or i have lost my chances now?

In: Sexual Health, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Chances of pregnancy altogether depends on the ovulation period. It should be regular and healthy period. As per your complaint you are having foul smelling discharge and history of 4 abortions. this all clearly indicate that you do not have healthy periods.
Multiple abortions can be the cause of inability to conceive and any underlying infection resulting to foul smelling discharge.
After multiple abortions there is always risk of injury to uterus, cervix or other related organs. So complete examination is required through recognized gynecologist.
Chances of getting pregnant depends on your ovulation time. Try intercourse during your ovulation period to increase the chances of conception.
For the foul smelling vaginal discharge you take gynol syrup and Shatavari
Shtavari will help in giving strength to uterus including whole reproductive system. Combination of these products will help in foul smelling vaginal discharge and strengthening uterus.

Thank you Support

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