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can i regain my fertility and become normal problem caused due to over mastrubation

hello sir / madam

i have gone through many post in this site where in you are promising to regain any level of sexual problems. my problem arise due to over masturbation which i am doing for almost 15 years . now my age is 32 and suffering from many of its side affects which as follows

1) does over masturbation causes any problem to kidney

2) how safe is your medicine without any physical check up.

3) my penis has completely lost erection and its has become almost less than one inch

4) the testis size is also became too small

5) i dont remember any thing

6) itching in penis mostly after urinating


pls kindly answer my question and also let me know the prescription i need to follow .


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3 Answers

Answer #1

Hello and Greetings from

Masturbation does not involve the kidneys. Kidneys are way up higher in your lower back. In Sexual Intercourse shuts off the bladder from the urethra during erections, so that no urine can flow and contaminate,destroy your sperms. Primarily Avoid masturbation as You are suffering  from ill effects due to continuous over masturbation for long time.  Premature ejaculation, weak or nil erections, hormonal weakness, seminal deficiency, shrinking of penis, small painful testis and general body weakness are common problems arise due to this over practice.

We recommend you to take Gokshura capsules with Kohinoor Gold capsules With application of Butea Superba Gel Butea gel is a powerful combination of herbs which when applied on penis skin increases blood flow towards penis, increases sensitivity of skin, increases girth, length, pleasure and orgasm level. Gel should be applied on shaft of penis regularly twice a day to enhance the penis size. These are herbal supplements blend with natural herbs which help to cure.

Itching in penis after urinating can be due to an infection in Urethra. Main causes can be bacteria like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, an organism Trichomonas or non specific. For this you are advised to see physician, he will take a sample from your penis using a thin cotton swab for further evaluation.

Maintain proper hygiene and drink 5-6 lt water daily to wash away toxins from your body. Practice meditation and yoga daily.



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Answer #2

thank you for your reply before going for this medication would like to know few things
1) are this medicine safe and how effective is it without any physical check up.
2) i have taken consultation from many doctors and they said it is impossible to regain my fertility back , so can you please tell me will this medicine will help me in getting the original shape and size of penis and testis and more importantly will i be sexually fit
3) once we start this medication any precaution to be taken on diet , i eat lot of non-veg stuff ,I have Egg daily
4) how to place the order

Answers Answered By: rahul1 Level Rating2 points
Answer #3

Hello and Greetings from

These are supplements which are herbal and safe to use.

Tell us your complaints and symptoms regarding fertility issues. For order related queries please visit our support team  at [email protected].




Answers Answered By: Alice Level Rating1717 points

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