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Causes and treatment of blisters on tongue

Blisters on tongue, though generally appearing on the tongues of youngsters or growing adults may bother even grown ups at times. The main reason for this disorder of the tongue is lack of vitamin B complex.

Accordingly, as these start appearing, one should get checked the level of this vital vitamin through a pathological test.  If the content is confirmed to be deficient, supplements of vitamin B complex may be administered in consultation with the doctor to fix the dosage.

The complex vitamin is present in a variety of natural foods too. An increased consumption of such items can compensate for the deficiency, though it may take longer. Increase your intake of milk and milk products like cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese etc.  Bananas, eggs and potatoes are also rich in vitamin B complex, as is soy and its products.

Another cause for appearance of blisters could be an upset stomach caused by food allergy. Food allergy or a disturbed stomach may cause blisters in the stomach that may reach up to the mouth. Under such circumstance treatment of stomach becomes a priority that ultimately gets rid of the blisters on the tongue. Frequent gargling and washing of mouth with salted water gives relief. It is very important to add salt in water. Salt has bacteria killing properties. So, that’ll keep infection away from blistered tongue.

Application of ice on the affected part has a soothing effect. Slow sipping of cold water also gives relief.  Drinking of water at frequent intervals retards the formation of additional blisters.

Two simple home remedies for treating blisters;
1.Mix half a spoonful of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and slowly drink that.

2.Apply a paste of dehydrated alum and honey on the tongue. While alum cures the blisters, sweet honey makes the paste palatable.

Precautions for a faster recovery;
1. Consumption of sweets should be minimized as sweets help the growth of blister formation.

2. Do not scratch the tongue by any external means or even by rubbing those against your teeth. This leads to aggravation and may cause infection.

3.    Keep drinking water frequently.

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