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Causes and Treatment of Lips Discoloration

What is lips discoloration?

The lips of some people get discolored; the color of their lips normally should have been pink or red; however, this changes to darker colors such as blue, black etc. This condition affects both women and men and people of all ages are affected. It is possible to restore partly or full color lost by resorting to some of the natural remedies given in this article.

What causes lips discoloration?

The lips discoloration occurs due to various reasons that are related to the lifestyle of a person. These are smoking, use of excess fluoride, tobacco chewing, chemotherapy and use of cosmetics of poor quality. The discoloration can also occur because of the problems of heredity. Under these circumstances it is next to impossible to cure it.

What are the natural home remedies for lips discoloration?

Some of the natural home remedies for lips discoloration are detailed in the following paragraphs.

One of the simplest and ideal methods for solving the problem of lip discoloration is to drink lots and lots of water. It is suggested that affected people should drink at least ten glasses of water everyday. Drinking water flushes out all the toxins in your body; this includes the toxins in your lips also. Lime has very good bleaching properties. You can apply limejuice on your lips before you go to bed in the night. This will help in lightening your lip color.

Another factor that causes lips discoloration is the sunrays. By applying sunscreen lotion you will be able to prevent the discoloration. You could apply on your lips a small quantity of clarified butter in the night for soothing your lips. This will not only treat your lips discoloration but also ensure that your lips are moisturized.

People who smoke regularly or take caffeinated drinks will have their lips discolored. Such people should ensure that they reduce the number of cigarettes smoked or coffee drank. This will prevent lips discoloration thereby avoiding further treatment. Prepare a paste of saffron and milk cream (fresh) and apply on your lips.

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