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Causes and Treatment of Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea, or more commonly known as periodontitis, is an oral condition where the bones that support the teeth become infected and inflamed.  Periodontitis causes the gums to bleed and become filled with pus.  It is usually caused by bacteria in the gums and is aggravated by brushing, flossing and eating hard food.

Pyorrhea can cause a person to have bad breath, can cause their gums to recede and eventually, if not treated; the person’s teeth can become loose and fall out.  It is the primary reason that elderly people lose their teeth.  This article discusses the causes and symptoms of pyorrhea and some simple home remedies.

What causes pyorrhea?
Pyorrhea can be linked to several causes.  One of the primary causes of pyorrhea is a bacterial infection in the mouth.  Another is an injury caused to the gums such as using a toothpick incorrectly.  What a person consumes and indulges in can also cause pyorrhea.  People who do not eat a healthy diet, people who lack vitamin C and those that smoke, drink or use drugs can get pyorrhea.

What are symptoms of pyorrhea?
Some of the first signs of pyorrhea are painful, bleeding and swollen gums.  The gums may also become filled with pus.  A person with pyorrhea may show signs of tooth decay.  The final stage of pyorrhea is when the teeth become loose and begin to fall out.

Home remedies
There are several home remedies that can be used to treat pyorrhea.  After a person brushes their teeth they can take a cotton ball dipped in mustard oil and salt and rub it against their gums.  Fresh lemon juice will help stop the bleeding caused by pyorrhea.  Gargling with sesame oil every evening after brushing the teeth can help ease the pain of pyorrhea.  Another remedy is to take a guava and cut it into four pieces.  Cover them with salt.  Now eat the combination.  The guava will provide vitamin C to the teeth and gums.  A mixture of spinach juice and carrot juice is another effective home remedy.

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