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Causes of Gray Hair

It used to be that gray hair was associated to aging as many of the older people around us have gray hair.  But this is not the case anymore.  Many young men and women are going gray prematurely making the young person look much older than they really are.  The hair follicles have a pigment in them called melanin.  When the body does not produce melanin, the hair follicle stops producing color.

Also, our hair follicles produce oil.  When the hair follicles stop producing oil the hair loses its nutrients and turns gray.  The primary reasons that a person turns gray at any age are because they lack certain vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B, copper, iron, and iodine.  There are also external factors that can lead to premature graying.  This article reveals the causes and symptoms of premature graying.

What causes premature graying?
Premature graying occurs primarily because the body is lacking certain vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, copper, folic acid, and iodine.  There are many other determining factors that can lead to premature graying.  If the person has a parent or parents that have gone gray early, their chances of premature graying are increased.  Gray hair can also be caused by extreme illnesses and infections such as anemia, thyroid problems and kidney problems, treatments for illnesses such as chemotherapy and radiation and even stress and anxiety.

How a person cares for their hair can also lead to premature graying.  If a person does not properly and routinely wash their hair they can go gray early.  Also, if a person mistreats their hair by using hair dye or electric hair dryers this can cause the follicles to stop producing melanin and other oils necessary for retaining the hair’s natural color.

What are symptoms of premature graying?
A person who has premature hair can expect to see hair loss.  They also tend to lose the color of their hair before they reach age thirty-five.  The person’s hair may become brittle.  If the premature graying is due to a sinus infection or poor nutrition, they can get headaches.

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If your mom or dad started going Gray at a young age then the chances are you may also suffer from premature gray hair. This is not always the case. Age does play a large part in the graying process. The pigment in the hair shaft is generated from cells at the base of the root of the hair and as we get older these cells start producing less pigment until there is no pigment at all in the hair and we end up with the transparent hair.

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