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Causes of Swollen Abdominal Girth

Abdominal girth is measured by determining the distance around the abdomen, usually at a specific location starting at the navel level.  Common abdominal girth is generally caused by obesity.  Swollen abdominal girth (or abdominal distention) occurs when the belly area is much larger than usual.  It, too, is frequently viewed as a common condition and usually can be corrected easily.

Common causes of Swollen Abdominal Girth
• Overeating
• Simple weight gain
• Pregnancy
• Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
• Swallowing of air unconsciously
• Intestinal gas
Swollen abdomen caused by the above conditions will usually correct itself over time.    Eating in moderation, avoiding certain foods, changing dietary habits, increasing fiber, and reducing stress will very often alleviate the condition.

Abdominal swelling occasionally signifies serious medical problems that require medical attention in order to determine the most effective treatment.

Serious conditions characterized by Swollen Abdominal Girth

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disorder of the lower intestinal tract.  Symptoms of this disorder involve a combination of abdominal pain and alternating constipation with diarrhea.  Emotional stress usually serves to worsen these symptoms.

Lactose Intolerance is a lactose deficiency or intolerance and occurs when the small intestine fails to produce enough of the enzyme lactase.  It can often be treated by medication or alleviated by following a particular diet.

Ovarian Cysts are fluid-filled sacs which form on the ovaries of women who are in their childbearing years.  They occur during the ovulation process when the follicle fails to break and release an egg.  They require medical attention in order to determine the best treatment options.

Bowel Obstruction is either a partial or complete bowel blockage resulting in failure of the intestinal contents to pass.  The causes can be mechanical, ileus, or paralytic ileus.  Medical attention is needed for treatment.

Uterine Fibroids are noncancerous, common pelvic tumors that develop and attach themselves to the uterus wall.  They most often occur in women of childbearing age.  The size of the fibroid can range from tiny to very large.  Surgery is sometimes needed to remove these tumors.

Swollen Abdomen caused by these more serious conditions warrants medical attention in order to determine the correct method needed to treat the underlying cause.

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