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Chills after Eating

My sister has been having chills after eating meals. Our family has a history of Iron deficiency (i was diagnosed by chinese practictioner with blood issues) and hypoglycemia. Could that be the cause?

In: General Health, Posted 9 years ago

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Thanks for visiting the website and contributing your query. The case you have specified goes more toward allergy and than any other possibilities. We request you to note down the food she eats. Does it happen after anything she eats? Generally, the body develops allergic response after it comes in contact with allergen. The allergen could be anything from pollen to debris to certain chemicals/components in food or medications. You have to check out what exactly makes her to give allergic response.

I would not deny to have this problem due to any blood disorder including iron deficiency in it but then your health care provider must have given her a supplement of elemental iron. Get her blood glucose check that can also cause chills since the glucose level may raise after having food.

Basically, such problems may develop due to low immunity. You can go for some herbal preparation that contains some potential herbal extracts known to boost immunity naturally. For instance, Immuno Plus and Amla may help in developing immune system.


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