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Combat depression with natural remedies

Depression is a psychological disorder that can affect anyone at any point of time. You can get depressed if you lose a loved one, break up with a romantic partner, lose your job or face a financial crisis. It is very important for you keep yourself together when your whole world is falling apart and move on as life waits for no one.

Depression is accompanied by a constant feeling of gloom, worthlessness, low self esteem, lack of interest in pleasurable activities, loss of appetite and suicidal instincts. In case, you are unable to cope with depression on your own, you must seek professional help from a qualified psychiatrist, psychologist or clinical social worker in your area. You can also join a self-support group to combat depression. The effectiveness of any treatment for depression depends upon your determination to get over it and move on.

Natural remedies for treating depression:

Apples are by far the most effective natural remedy used to treat depression. They abound in vitamin B and potassium that help in the absorption of glutamic acid that helps regulate the wear and tear of the nerve cells. You can take an apple with milk and honey and recharge your nerves.

Another effective natural remedy for depression is cardamom. This aromatic spice is widely used in many kitchens across the globe to add flavor to otherwise bland food. It can also add cheer to your blue mood and enable you to overcome depression. The seeds of cardamom can be powdered and added to boiling water. This can be used to prepare cardamom tea that has a pleasant and calming aroma that helps elevate the mood and combats depression.

Cashew nuts are widely used in cakes and cookies and are a rich source of thiamine and riboflavin belonging to the B group of vitamins. Thiamine builds appetite and stimulates the nervous system, while riboflavin helps in keeping the body and mind cheerful, energetic and full of life. Eating cashew nuts on a daily basis can help keep depression at bay.

Memocare is herbal dietary supplement that is widely recommended for the treatment of depression. It helps alleviate the feelings of hopelessness, fear and anxiety and uplifts the mood, thereby fighting depression. It is recommended to take Memocare herbal capsules on a daily basis to combat depression.

Rose essential oil has a calming and cheerful aroma and is widely recommended for the treatment of depression by aroma therapists the world over. You can add a few drops of rose essential oil to your bath and relax your mind. Alternatively, you can use fresh rose petals and boil them in water. Allow it to cool and drink slowly.

Lemon balm is a multipurpose herb that s widely used to treat a number of mental disorders. It works by minimizing brain exhaustion and lightens the depressed mood. Add about 30gm of lemon balm to ½ liter cold water and set it aside for 12 hours. Drink it at equal intervals throughout the day to get rid of depression naturally.

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