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Combined use of herbal and allopathic medicines for treatment of Diabetes Type- 2

Hello, My mother has type 2 diabetes. She is currently taking prescribed medicine. Can she keep taking her current medicine and take the diabeta along with karela? Thank you.

In: Diabetes,General Health, Posted 8 years ago

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3 Answers

Answer #1

Hello and greetings from Thanks for your interest in our products.

Diabetes should be controlled to achieve better health and immunity. Diabetes can only be controlled and if uncontrolled can lead to serous complications. Diabetes can damage heart, kidney and eyes sort of vital organs. Diabetes type -2 is also called non insulin dependent diabetes(NIDDM) and can be controlled without medication with slight change in diet and routine. You can take allopathic and ayurvedic medicines together to get better control on your diabetes and in diabetes type-2 only ayurvedic and safe medicine is sufficient. We recommend you to take a regular course of Diabeta Capsules to achieve better control over blood sugar and improve overall health. This herbal medicine is a combination of different herbs which stimulate the beta cells to secrete insulin, make body cells more permeable for insulin and also acts as synthetic insulin. Other problems related with diabetes like general body weakness, neuritis, burning in hands and feet, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, urinary problems, circulatory problems and etc can be very well controlled with regular use of Diabeta. These herbs also increase the vitality of body. Regular use of this medicine with diabetic diet including more and more fresh vegetable salads etc will help you to get better control in diabetes. You won`t need any other medicine or even neem capsules to control your diabetes. So take your medicine regularly for best results. Further queries are welcome.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points
Answer #2

diabeta capsule and diagold capsule is the same for treatment of diabetis

Answers Answered By: GIAN SINGH Level Rating points
Answer #3

Hello gian singh

Diabeta Capsules are safe and herbal cure for controlling blood sugar in diabetes patients. It is very good for overall health and is safe for regular use. Use Diabeta capsules for better control over blood sugar and get healthy future.


Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points

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