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Consultation about a kind of therapy for HBV

I’m from China. Hepatitis B is one kind of common disease here. As I know, it’s a very long and difficult to cure it. Recently, I got some information from some Chinese hospitals that claimed they have a new technology, which can cure the HBV patients effecitively in a few months. According to their advertisement, this technology (named as “hepatocyte dialysis therapy”)is from Europe and USA, combining medical treatment and ultrsonic treatment. The ultrosonic guides the medicine with high consistency into the pathological area of liver and kill the HBV DNA. My question is: does this kind of therapy exist in USA or European hospitals? does it have the good effect as the Chinese hospitals claim? and normally are what kind of therapies used for HBV patients in USA or European hospitals? Please send the answer to my email [email protected] Thank you very much.

In: Liver Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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