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daily ejaculation

Hello Sir,
I have a very acute disease of daily ejaculation.
I have had this disease for almost ten years now. I have seen a few doctors both alopathic as well as herbal. But have not found any cure.
Symptoms: 1)what happens is that my penis keeps ejecting drops of semen whenever I am involved in any laborious task such as running or weight-lifting. 2) my under wear gets wet every night with small drops of semen every night. 3) due to this my timing in bed is zero.
I think this is all a result of excessive masturbation therefore i have quit it now.
Sir, I would like you to suggest me something so that this problem could be handled.


In: Penis Health, Posted 7 years ago

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1 Answer

Answer #1

please read this combined with the above info:
i am 27 years old and if i don’t have sex in about two to three weeks, the semen starts leaking after i urinate therefore, i have to have sex or masturbate within a two to three weeks cycle.

Answers Answered By: rana usman Level Rating2 points

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