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Diabetes- Allopathic or homeopathic

My diabetes is coming around 200 (fasting). I am taking madhu-nashini and recently have ordered Shilajit. Can both these herbal medicines bring down my diabetes reading and how long would it take? or should I start taking Allopathic medicines?

In: Diabetes, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Your fasting bleed sugar is really a major concern as this is more dangerous. In this type blood sugar is elevated even when you are fasting as after have meal the blood sugar level is likely to rise due to glucose produced after feed metabolism.
We strongly recommend to start with some allopathic medicine and you can take these herbal products along with. Instead of Shilajit we recommend to take Diabeta capsules as this have shilajit along with other major antidiabetic products.

If possible drink one glass of fresh karela juice every day empty stomach in the morning. Go for brisk walk daily at least for 20 mins.

Thank you Support

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