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Doubt regarding asparagus for prostatitis problem

In this website u suggesting gokshura and asparagus for prostatitis problem. But in many website i saw asparagus is not good for people with prostatitis. Is that true

In: Herbal Remedies, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic cure

For this we need to understand that each body is system and every system is different. So one combination may not be beneficial for one but can benefit the other. Shwet musli is very famous aphrodisiac herb that helps in restoring the sexual stamina and power that declines in prostatis. Gokshura is also aphrodisiac and diuretic that can be helpful in resolving the inflammation in the body. other function is that supports the urogenital system in infectious state. So if prostatis is due to any infection then it can be helped with gokshura.

So these are few basic and simple properties that can be helpful in prostatitis.

Thank you Support

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