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Dr. my name is bhimashankar.M.S. and help me where i get treatement and is am i azoospermia patient ?

Dr.. My self bhimashankar.M.S. 
i have got test of sperm and hormones both results i am giving you full details…
sir please help me.

spearm count-0 (Zero count) 

Please anybody help me regards this please I am suffering so much please help me doctor…. is am i 
azoospermia patient and
TRUS scaning is normal and 
TESTIS ULTRASOUND BY COLOR DOPPLER test also normal but left azoo is slightly down 3.7mm… please help me..

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Your tests slearly suggest low sperm count and we recommend to take Macuna tablets and Asparagus tablets to make the sperm more healthy and increase the quantity.
The combination of both products will help in producing the sperm. It is one of the best aphrodisiac agents that helps in almost every sexual disorder.

Azoospermia is due to lot of factors and is curable most of the time either with medicine or surgery. Continue using the products for at least six months.Regular medicine intake is necessary. Sometimes Azoospermia be corrected through surgery; if surgery is not successful, sperm can be taken from the testicles through a great technique called Surgical Sperm Removal (SSR), a form of male fertility treatment. It is becoming an increasingly popular form of azoospermia treatment.

Thank you Support

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