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Effective Diet for Jaundice

A healthy diet and physical rest can cure a mild form of viral jaundice. However recovery is slow in jaundice caused by obstruction in the bile ducts, based upon the cause and removal of the cause.

Avoid meat, as the digestive ability of the system is decreased. Bile production increases with heavy vegetarian foods. Citrus foods render ascorbic acid. Improper eating and poor digestion might contribute to recurrence of infection.

The patient must be start with a juice fast for a week, and he should take complete rest until the acute symptoms of the disease subside. After the juice fast, he is advised to adopt an all-fruit diet for a further three to five days, taking three meals a day of fresh Juicy fruits at five hourly intervals.

Thereafter, a simple light carbohydrate diet without fats, best obtained from fruits and vegetables may be re-started. Any type of digestive disturbances must be avoided. No food with a propensity to ferment or decay in the lower intestines like pulses and legumes should be included in the diet.

Bilirubin accumulation in the blood leads in darkening of the urine. It also causes in change in skin color and darkening of stools. Maintenance of a well balanced diet and strict lifestyle is helpful.

A bland and soft diet is recommended. Saturated fats and fried foods must be avoided. Completely abstain from alcoholic beverages. Fresh vegetable juices and vegetable broths are very helpful. Processed foods, flavorings and artificial sweeteners are avoided.

Alcohol sets a lot of burden on the liver. Pears, oranges, apple, pineapple, and grapes are advocated in convalescence. A fat excluded and low carbohydrate diet is allowed.

Moderate exercise with a well balanced diet prevents recurrence of jaundice. Supplementation of necessary nutrients helps in regeneration of the liver cells. Adequate amount of water, barley water and tender coconut are effective in flushing out toxins.

Amla dietary supplements

The deficiency of Vitamin C in the body cause a disease called scurvy, amla helps in the prevention and treatment of scurvy and jaundice.

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Jaundice means the yellow appearance of the skin and whites of the eyes that occurs when the blood contains an excess of the pigment called bilirubin.
Bilirubin is a natural product arise from the normal stop working of red blood cells in the body and is excreted in the bile, through the events of the liver.
Although jaundice is most often the result of a disorder moving the liver, it can be caused by a diversity of other conditions affecting, for example, the blood or spleen.

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