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Effective treatment for Hot flash

Hot flashes are commonly seen amongst women and it is a natural phenomenon that most women experience, who are reaching menopause. The age of menopause may be different for different women.

Use loose cotton clothing as far as possible for sufficient air ventilation and minimizing the possibility of body heat being trapped within, particularly when the weather is already hot.

Stress is one of the major factors that can trigger and intensify the hot flashes. To counter these effects, the best natural treatment for hot flashes is to stay calm and relax. Yoga and meditation are the best natural treatment for hot flashes. They not only keep your body fit but also help in calming the mind of all the irritants that lead to unnecessary worry and stress. Deep breathing exercises is especially useful as they help to relax and de-stress almost instantly.


It is always advisable to try and strengthen your immune system especially when you are weak menopausal. Limit intake of processed sugar items, hot drinks, caffeine, alcohol, soups, spicy and oily foods. It is better to drink a glass of water or some nutritional juice to reduce the heat soon as you experience a hot flash.

Include Vitamin E rich foods in your daily diet is a good treatment for hot flashes. The foods rich in Vitamin E content are cereals, nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts, sprouts and whole grain wheat bread. Vitamin E is beneficial to reduce the intensity of hot flashes and also aids in decreasing the frequency of these hot flashes.

Regular consumption of well balanced and nutrition rich food items will be able to handle the physical crisis efficiently with minimum risk. Start regular consumption of calcium and other supportive nutrients which help absorption of calcium by body effectively. Eat calcium rich foods and calcium supplements to overcome deficiency of calcium.

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