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Effects of masturbation

Can frequent masturbation make one permanently loose his sex drive, hence negatively affecting his marriage?

In: Sexual Health, Posted 8 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Frequent masturbation leads to the weakening of Reproductive organs. Testis become weak and cannot hold the sperm to the climax time. this is called the Premature ejaculation. Improper or short time erection called as the Erectile dysfunction is the another symptom. In severe cases there is Loss of sexual desire and Impotency with time.

One must not loose the most pure form of the body called as sperm accept for having child. Excessive masturbation causes the lowering of the quality and quantity of the sperm. Sperm become watery and less motile. Also there is marked decrease in the sperm count of the person.

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