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Endometriosis patient trying to conceive 29 Yrs old. Need advise on the prescribed ayurvedic medicines.


I am 29/F and had a laproscopy 3 years ago on right ovary. Conceived naturally in December but resulted in early miscarriage. Trying to conceive again now as cycles are back to normal. Doctor says to condition the body with an ayurvedic ritual before trying for IVF.

I want to know the benefits of each of the herbs I have been prescribed so I can add some motivation to my daily ritual.. Here is my prescription:

– Valayamruth 15ml on empty stomach twice a day

– Dasamoolakaduthrayadhi 15ml after Valayamruth

– Agnigrutham 15ml before breakfast

– Aristham (Amrutharistham and Desamool Aristham) 30ml after foods twice a day

– Tribocare 10g after lunch

– Herbocool oil massage every morning.


Any insight into this prescription will be helpful. I would like to know the benefits of each so that I can inspire myself to be disciplined. Any other suggestions are welcome.


In: Fertility & Infertility, Posted 5 years ago

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