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enquiry on how safe are some of the herbal medicines on children and its usage

My son aged is currently consuming the following medicines for his vitiligo treatment. As a concern mother , i would like to know how safe are these medicines, as he is very young ( 6 years old ) and is suffering from vitiligo. These medicines have proven slight improvement. I do realize this will take time and more consumption. Some articles have indicated adverse reaction of ayurvedic treatments of children due to led and other particules that exist that can bring about other destruction.  Is this true ? kindly do assist me. Thanking you. Following are the list of medicines.

Patolamooladi kashayam
Gulguluthikthakam Kashayam’
Mahathikthakam Kashyam

In: Child & Teen Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Aurvedic Cure

First of all let me make one thing clear that Ayurvedic treatment is one of the oldest and most authentic traditional system of medicine as explained in our Vedas. As far as use f heavy metals is concerned like mercury, Lead, gold iron etc so that is used after purifying and within therapeutic range to benefit people. They are not used in the raw form that a person should be afraid of consuming. As The procedures adopted in purifying these metals and making it consumable are medically approved by Indian system of medicine and are well explained in various Ayurveic Texts.

People who are generally not aware about ayurveda and its procedures usually get trapped by such type of myth about the use of metals in ayurvedic products.

Thank you Support

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