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erectile problem : my penis hardens only 85% and does not erect up wards.. its only less than half way. while trying to get more errection using thought it errects some what more but returns to the half way quickly. i have pain on my testis. it hangs much lower than normal,and has nodules on veins inside testis

i do have erection and penis get hardens 85%. but my penis doesnt point upwards rather it erects half way only,it forms shape like time 4.20 on the analog clock..while erection and a curve to downward left also while erection. if i try to have more erection using my thoughts it erects  some what more and also by pressing hard at the begining of penis makes my penis harder to 98%.. but again returns to 4.20 state quickly.. i can masterbate and i have good ejaculation. Most of the time during day  my penis remains in a state of 10% erection,that means it holds blood inside it.. some what bigger than it normal size veins are clearly visible. and while erection my for skin gets tight and feeling difficulty to move , i can move but very tight. but in normal state i can easily move the forskin back and forth.i started masterbation at the age of 12 now i am 25. still i do masterbation 10 times in a week. is the problem because of this?? or what is my problem how can i correct it?? do i need surgery ?? my testis hangs much downwards and while moving hands over my testis i feel like veins have nodules over there and while kicking softly on my testis makes lot of pain kindly help me 

In: Penis Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Yes the main and major cause of your problem is Over masturbation. Over masturbation does give sexual pleasure for a very small time but on the other hand it is the source of various problem. As you have been addicted to this bad habit from past long time so it will take some time to get back that sexual energy and stamina. We recommend to take Kohinoor Gold capsules twice a day with milk. Also we will recommend to massage orgy oil on penis to give strength and stamina to penis. Regular massage of oil on penis will help supporting enough blood supply to penis. Thus it will result in better erection.

Use the whole combination regularly for desired results.

Avoid masturbation and start with healthy low protein diet.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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