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extreme wetness in vagina

extreme wetness in my vagina, especially when aroused. the excretion is mostly watery, a little bit of white blood discharge. like to the point that it wets my under shorts. please help me clarify this and thank you.

In: Vaginal Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Normallly there is white thick milky discharge from vagina whenever one is sexually aroused. This is due to secretions from bartholins glands that help in secretion from vagina for pleasent intercourse.
Sometimes these secretions are very less and sometimes in excess. Both the conditions are indicative of some vaginal infections that may be sexually transmitted or not. As in former case one needs to be sexualy active and use of condom is advisable for safe sex in future. There can be probability of vaginal inflammation due to bacterial yeast infections.

It is very necessary to maintain the hygiene and keep that private area clean and dry every time.
if possible dilute antiseptic liquid like bitadine and wash vagina regularly with it. Change undergarments regularly and
We recommend to take regunova capsules regularly for the period of three months at least for desired results.

If symptoms still persist consult doctor.

Thank you Support

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