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Extremely irregular Menstruation (Secondary Amennorhea) Reason: Hormonal imbalance

Hi, I am 26 years old female. I am suffering from secondary amenorrhea since the age of 15 (I believe). I get very irregular periods – 1 or 2 in a year. I have got all the tests done multiple times and they all come fine. They sometimes show my thyroid little off-balance but the recent test shows it to be fine. My doctor says that I have hormone imbalance and that is the reason I am not ovulating. Also to add, I have noticed that sometimes a change helps bring my periods. Example: if I start doing workouts after a long gap or when I started doing some yog pranayams and also when I went back home for a month – I got periods but then it is missing again. I think it might be due to stress. I try not to take any stress but don’t know what happens. Can you please suggest something that can fix this problem permanently?

I just got 1 or 2 years of normal menstruation in the beginning but then it is irregular after and ever since then. I am concerned now because my doctor says that since I am not ovulating regularly, I might have difficulty in getting pregnant and I intend to getting pregnant next year. Also to add to this, I am overweight since I was a child and most of it is abdominal fat – rest of the body is fine. And I have seen that it is very difficult for me to loose that fat. Is there something that can help shed that extra weight? 

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Retone capsules and Ashoka capsules both are very efficient herbal supplements for irregular periods. These herbal preparations stimulate uterine bleeding, tones up uterus, helps in maintaining hormonal balance and induce the development and discharge of ovum at perfect time. It helps in increasing chances of pregnancy and maintains physical health and reproductive health of females. Take one capsule of each supplement once a day after meals.

You should make life style modifications like avoid stress and anxiety, give proper time for mild exercise as  do not over exercise and physical activities. Make healthy eating habits and include more fruits and vegetables, Sprouted cereals in your diet. Increase water intake to facilitate the excretion of toxins from body. Ask for a referral to a nutritionist or dietitian if necessary. These specialists can help you learn to manage your weight and physical activity goals in a healthy manner.

Use combination minimum for two to three cycles course for effective results.


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Thank you for the information! I am interested in buying these products but my order couldn’t go through as you don’t ship to Canada.
Is there any way around this? Do you have any reseller in Canada?

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Hello and Greetings from

Thanks for your interest in our products.

Sorry, This is our health consultation Blog.

You are requested to ask order/product related queries at [email protected]


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