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feeling pain badly during period and too much bleeding give me the solution for cure permanently

during period it pains badly unbearable and too much bleeding  give me the solution for cure permanently ,what is the solution? pain start before bleeding and stays upto 2 – 3 days of period . give me the solutions plz///

In: Menstrual Problems, Posted 5 years ago

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You can start with Retone Capsule This herbal preparation helps to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding By stimulating ovulation, it helps to boost fertility. It reduces pain during menstrual periods. Take one capsule twice a day with water after meals. Drink 5-6 liter water per day and You should consume enough calcium rich foods like Milk, dairy, green leafy vegetables, almonds and beans this will improve muscle movement of uterine cavity and helps to reduce menstrual pain.

You can also use some natural remedies like

1.Take 1 tsp of the extract from the herb Marigold to avoid menstrual pain and improve the flow.
2.Cook one banana flower and eat with a cup of curd. This increases the amount of progesterone and reduces excess bleeding.
3.Boil 6 gm of coriander seeds in ½ liter of water; add sugar and drink when it is warm. This treats excess menstruation.



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