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from how much sperm a babies born

hello sir,sorry to bother u again can u tell how much sperm a man must have it to give a child for a girls

please answer my question sir

In: Pregnancy, Posted 7 years ago

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1 Answer

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Hello And greetings From Ayurvedic cure

One foremost and the basic parameters of the sperm analysis for fertilization is sperm analysis that ca be done in a recognized clinical laboratory. the parameters for sperm analysis is Sperm count, sperm volume, morphology, motility, fructose level and pH.

Normal sperm count is 39 million per ejaculation (min).
Sperm volume b/w 1.0 mL and 6.5 mL is considered normal.
There should be 60% motile sperms in semen for fertilization.
Similarly there are other meters that should fall within the normal limit for fertilization.

If any thing fall below the normal limit then we recommend to use the Kohinoor Capsules and mucuna capsules one each twice a day after meal with the milk.

Apart form these factor various physical factors also play role like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation.

For successful intercourse both the partners should be healthy.

further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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