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Get rid of Body Rash

Body rash or skin rash is commonly an inflammation on the skin. Eruptions on the skin of the back are called Back Rash. There is a change in texture and color on the affected area. Skin or body rash could be the result of disease, an allergic reaction, or irritation.Allergies could be to chemicals, insects, plants, food, animals or other environmental factors. This kind of skin rash could affect on the entire body or in a specific area. Some body rashes are contagious. Red itchy or non-itchy bumps on the skin, burning or stinging sensation on the affected area. Reaction to cosmetics, perfumes, soaps can cause skin rash. Heat rash, dermatitis, measles, dry skin and ichthyosis are some of the causes for back rash.

Applying olive oil to the rash affected area could provide some relief. Apply it periodically at an interval for greater result.

Aloe Vera gel Vitamin E oil and cod liver oil are also helpful in fighting against body rash.

Using baking powder on the affected area is also a useful suggestion to deal with body and back rash.

Wash the infected area with chamomile tea.

Always keep your body clean, do not use dirty cloths.

Khadir (Acacia catechu)

Khadir is one of the most important herbs in ancient medieval science in India. This is a blood purifier and can be used in various skin diseases. Some of the scholars suggest Acacia a potent anti-inflammatory agent as it can be used in for relieving tooth ache. Pain reliever, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, useful for any skin problems especially skin allergies, chronic gastrointestinal problems such as dysentery or diarrhea.

An oatmeal bath is considered to be effective in treating body rash as it relieves inflammation. Pour a cup of uncooked fine oatmeal into your bathwater and soak in the tub for best results.

A poultice made from chaparral yellow dock root and dandelion helps alleviate skin rash.

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