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Getting Rid of Hangnails

Hanging on the sides of your nails are sometimes little itsy-bitsy pieces of skin which are called hangnails. Extremely irritating and also very painful, they get caught on anything and everything, and tear away even more. Not really a part of nails, hangnails are rather bits of dry skin which develop owing to nail biting.

People prone to having dry skin, habitual nail biters and even small children are often victims of hangnails. Being such a troublesome feature, they should be attended to straightaway. Here are some handy points laid out for you to make use of, to do away with hangnails.

Handy Hints on how to Do Away with Hangnails

If you are a habitual victim of hangnails, you should literally nip them in the bud by clipping them off with sharp sterilized scissors in their early life. Make certain you have first soaked your fingers in a solution of oil and water, or even just water alone, in order to make the hangnail soft. Do not snip at a hangnail while it is yet hard since it would make the skin rip even further.

Biting you hangnails will only make deep cuts around the finger, so you should never nibble. Often such cuts can get swollen and even infected and cause much trouble. You can massage in an emollient cream into you fingers before you retire for the night. Then plastic wrap the fingers and secure with a tape. This will keep the moisture in through the night. Do not forget to remove the wrapping in the morning.

Dip your scissors in alcohol or antiseptic to sterilize them before using them to cut off your hangnails. This will help prevent any infection. Using a moisturizer on your cuticles and fingers when you are pushing the cuticles down is also another preventive measure you can take against hangnails. Doctors advise that after the removal of your hangnails an anti bacterial lotion should be used on the fingers and the fingers then bandaged.

If you find that your hangnails have got infected, turned red in colour, or become pus filled, you must not neglect to see a doctor to get treatment. Regular manicuring of your hands will also discourage the development of hangnails.

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