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Give best cure for erectile dysfunction at teenage.

I have been having erectile dysfunction for a little while now but only happens when i’m with a girl. I have masturbated almost everyday for the last 4 years and went through a phase with marijuana for the last couple years and it got to the point where i smoked it everyday for a few months but have now been clean for a month. I’ve noticed my erections have been week in the morning when they used to be really hard and they’re softer when i masturbate but i can get it up no problem when i masturbate. I don’t know if its something physical or if its something psychological that i experience when i’m with a girl. I don’t feel nervous but as soon as it starts getting pretty heated and were about to have sex its like i’m not horny anymore and i can’t get it up. I start thinking pretty hard during the moment trying to get it up mentally somehow but i still feel the same way. pretty long mesage here but i wanted to give all the details to get the best answer i really want to fix this problem because its hurting my self esteem and i want to start having sex with girls because i’m pretty good looking and i’m getting lots of oppurtunities but don’t want to take them up if i can’t get hard. Please help. Thanks much.

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Erectile dysfunction can happen at any age but it is less common at teenage. Erectile dysfunction includes mild to complete loss of erection in males. The hardness and stimulus of erection get reduced due to various reasons. Some times first erection is quiet well but it takes more time to get ready for second time which is also erectile dysfunction. Majority of times over masturbation is the reason behind sexual problems. Masturbation which generally is not harmful turns to be disastrous in some cases. Smoking, alcoholism, side effect of medicines etc can also cause erection weakness. We recommend you to take natural medicines for permanent and complete cure of your sex weakness. Kohinoor Gold is best medicine for erectile dysfunction. It helps in getting rock hard erection every time and also helps in early preparation of male sex organ and maintenance of erection for long time. It is beneficial for low libido, premature ejaculation and low sperm count. It helps to establish confidence in males and increases physical as well as sexual power. So we recommend a regular two months course of this medicine for satisfactory results.


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