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Give me the right treatment for sagging breast

I’m 18, my breasts sag. Since a year I gained weight and they sagged more. I don`t know what to do! I want to cure this problem.

In: Breast Reduction,Women's Health, Posted 8 years ago

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2 Answers

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Over grown and under grown breasts both look very odd and are embarrassing for female. Breast tissue is very delicate and is badly affected by sudden weight loss or weight gain, increasing age, multiple pregnancies, abortions, chronic disease or weakness etc. These conditions cause loss of elasticity, shape and cleavage resulting in sagging breasts and poor confidence in females. But it is curable and herbal medicines give very good results without any fear of side effects. We recommend the use of Breast Nutritional Support Capsules and Breast Enlargement – Firming Serum in combination for complete solution of your problem. Capsules will provide proper nutrition to breast tissue to grow fast and fill the required space in breasts. Firming serum will induce growth and help in regaining elasticity, shape, size and cleavage back to boost the confidence and beauty. These herbal medicines will induce growth in your breasts and will make breasts firmer, tighter, more curved and smoother in appearance. These help in getting more curvy and enhanced cleavage. So we request you to take a two to three months course of these medicines for good results.


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Answer #2

i have loose musscle in all over my body.
kindly suggest me medicine to tight musscles

Answers Answered By: RITU Level Rating points

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