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Give some treatment for burning sensation in legs.

Hi friends, I am writing a problem that my mother has been suffering for nearly 2 yrs now. She has burning sensation in her legs starting from knees to some region below it. I have taken her to the best of the orthopedic doctors in my region (Hyderabad). They never seem to point out the exact problem, the common answers are age, bones getting weaker. But none of their answers could satisfy me. My mother can not sleep at nights neither she can sit pleasantly in day. She is extremely disappointed because of this and me too. It would be great if any one point of the causes and remedy for this. I would be indebted to them for my life.

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Answer #1

Hello and greetings from

Burning sensation in legs , feet or hands or in stomach or urine etc are all due to vitiated pitta dosha. These people can have many other symptoms of increased pitta like excessive sweating , excessive thurst , more moles on skin , zero tolerance for heat and many more. Amla is the best cure for increased heat in body. This is cool in nature , has rich amount of vitamin c and is a good oxidative agent. It improves vitality and immunity and pacifies increased pitta dosha. Regular use of Amla is the best in your case and will give you satisfactory results with in two to three months. Just increase the amount of water intake and specially take two three glasses of fresh water empty stomach in morning.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points
Answer #2

Hi Srikanth,

My mother also having the same problem. Let me know if you are able to find a right doctor to treat your mother. If so, could you share the doctor’s details with me

Answers Answered By: Anthony Level Rating points
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Hi Srikanth, Anthony,

My mother is having same problem but not just in legs but she has burning sensation almost all over body. I am very much worried and concerned as she is literally not able to bear and crying at times. Any guidance would be great ! (I am going to ask her to consume Amla since I found above….also ofcourse Amla is natural and normally good for anyone)

Answers Answered By: mega007 Level Rating points
Answer #4

Hello mega

Amla and Haemafine Syrup in combination will be best for the problem of burning sensation all over the body. Drink for to five liters of water daily and take light home made meals only. Avoid spicy and hot meals. Make a regular course of almost three months for satisfactory results.


Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points

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