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Habit of Mastrubation

Sir pls help me im frm middle class family,i eat 1iy veg. I addicted to hanjob(mastrubation) since 6th std now im doing BE(mechanical) 4th yr since frm 9th std I like to stopped it but during night without my counsious ejaculation takes place aftr the wet in my underwear i felt it n i wakeup i feel shy for this n this continued till today also. without my sense during midnite my hand automatically go to my penis sake it n sperm has cum n only aftr tat i realise tat i done the handjob i am so scared pls Dr pls help me. now today also sperm cums without my sense tis night. MY UNCOUNSIOUS HANDJOB happens 3 times every week from 2006 onwards nw 2011 I SCARED for tis so tat I usually masturbate WITH MY SENSE during day time every Sunday n my frns told tis is our life to njoy so they give pron videos n I hav sex chat in facebuk too. But my soul didn’t get happy. I need a gud prestige n beautiful life for tat I stop to go to facebuk for tis 2 days n I decide to delete all videos (but not yet) Im 21yr old n 70 kg n 5.8 feet height n penis normal 2.5 inch. Im too weak,low memory power, poor stamina,hairfall, short temper, lazy n I feel more fear even riding a cycle (so tat I never learn 2 or 4 wheeler) I usually go anywhere by walk. I want to overcum from all my defects n I wish to live like a NORMAL BOY n wish to drive anything without fear, face pbm with more self confidence sir. I have more commitments frm my family. I want to achieve a lot. Pls help me sir wat can I do 4 tis(my UNCOUNSIOUS mastrubation)? If I recover frm tis then I never do myCOUNSIOUS handjob. Pls kindly rply to tis ugly disease in me n Pls gv ur mobile no sir…

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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