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Hair loss due overmasturbation. How can i recover from this…………………………..

Im 19 year old and I suffer from hair loss. One of many side effects I got from overmasturbation. I am pretty sure overmasturbation has caused this because i used to do it 10 times a week during like 7 years period. Since my big brother is 4 years older then me and he barely eats breakfast or vegtebles at all. And he still got alot of hair compared to me. While I eat a great amount of vegtebles and also work out 6 times a week in gym. But he still got alot more hair then me and i highly believe its because I masturbate too mutch!


So can you recommend me something I can do to grow back my hair. I have just stared stopping this habbit, and i will not masturbate for many many many months or have sex. Will be able to grow back my lost hair?

Edit: This site doesnt ship products to my country (sweden). So do not recommend me any of this sites products. Ty for helping me.


In: Hair Loss, Posted 6 years ago

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