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Hair loss due to over masturbation.

Hi, I am male and 19 years of age and am experiencing hair loss due to OM. I am very concerned due to my young age and the numbers of hair I lose daily, much higher than normal. I purchased Kohinoor Gold online about a month ago and have still not received it. Will taking it regularly reverse my problem?

In: Hair Loss, Posted 6 years ago

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Another thing to add, I suspect that I am expecting hair loss due to over production of DHT in my body. I am very stressed about the loss of hair, though I am trying to think less about it. My diet has been healthy lately, I’ve been avoiding red meat and dairy products nearly everyday and eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts. I have progressively masturbated less and less and will now discontinue masturbating for 2-3 weeks.. I am doing olive oil treatments to my hair once a week at the moment.. I am also experiencing severe dry scalp and dandruff, could this be connected to the over masturbation?

Please respond so I can start my treatment asap 🙂

Best regards

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

We will recommend to start with Bhringraja capsules along with kohinoor Gold.
Bharingraja will help in providing the nourishment to the scalp and hair roots and strengthen them. Continue the oil therapy as this will prevent scalp from drying which is one of the main reason for dandruff and eventually hair fall.
Also it is good to read that you are quitting masturbation and this will help in preventing the protein loss in the form of sperm in excess.
For any order related queries you can contact our team at [email protected]

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Mosley Level Rating1292 points

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