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hairfall and pimples problem way to cure it sir tell me a way any medicine is requied

sir i am suffering from pimples problem in my face it comes a lot and it pains sir it affects my beauty tooo and nowadays my hair also falling a lot i need a way cure it . i am suffering from this both problems for more than 1 year

In: Skin & Hair Problems, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Your both the problems are quiet different so we will tell remedies accordingly.

First start with Acne problem:

Oily skin can be the cause of Pimples. Oil skin is an easy host for dust particles and bacteria. one has to take extra care for oily skin. Wash face twice a day with plain water to prevent accumulation of dust on face and also Rb face with cotton dipped in rose water before going to bed.

Avoid the use of soap. Eat green vegetables. Oily, spicy food is prohibited.
Also we recommend Neem capsules take one capsule twice aday after meal.
Read some home remedies on Acne at

Now talking about hair fall; its quiet common due to stressful lifestyle and lack of proper nutrition. Certain underlying disorder, over exposure to sun, excessive sweating can be few reasons for hair fall. hair too needs proper care and massage every weak is extremely important to keep the hair roots healthy.  Protein is the major constituent of the hair so include protein in the diet.

Also take BHARINGRAJA CAPSULES and Take one capsule twice a day. Eat low protein diet. Apply cream on scalp and leave for atleast 15 mins. After that massage the scalp under running water for 15 mins. This will help in maintaining the good blood circulation in scalp.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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