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having bone tb & night foul is no allowing me to get cure,i am suffering from this night foul from 7 years

i am suffering from bone tb from ,last two year i got this disease in june 2009 after that doctor gave me 4 drug p_zide ,r cinex,mycobutol.but after 40 days i got jondise so doctor had to stop drugs ,they stoped for one week than started r

-cine than after one week he started mykobutol ,than after two three days he gave 3 drugs as r_cinex and mycobutol continued for 11 months in middle after 2to 3 month i had a discharging of pus also after this i went to appolo and nowi am on 5 drug r_cine,pzide,mycobutol,oflox.discharge is over but still pain is there & in mri report it was written active disease so wat u will suggest me to do ,even i am suffering fron night foul ,from last seven year i am suffering from  night foul i think becouse of this onlyi got bone tb sir i cannot take any extra drug for it becouse i am already taking high dose of tb drug please tell me any gharalu nuksa for this

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2 Answers

Answer #1

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Night fall can be the adverse effect of the medicines you are taking. So will recommend to once ask your doctor so that he may help you better if medicines are the cause but if not then we will recommend to consume curd on daily basis regularly along with other fresh fruits. Also we recommend to add raw onion in diet at night on regular basis as this also have some effects on night fall.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Mosley Level Rating1292 points
Answer #2

my treatment is going on at appolo delhi but now i m at patna so after i go there i will ask them, night foul affect the tb patient or not , con i eat emle i will be helpfull or not

Answers Answered By: pranav Level Rating3 points

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