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Having PCOD,irregular periods,not ovulating without medicine,Tyring to conceive.



I am 26yrs, and I have PCOD , so my menstrual cycle is very irregular.After marriage we are trying to conceive and taking many allopathy treatments,but no luck.Now the doctor has adviced us to go for IUI.But before going for IUI I just want to confirm if there are any ayurvedic solution to regularize my periods in turn , which makes my ovulation good (only with medicines, my ovulation is happening).Please prescribe me any such medicine as a cure to PCOD but also which is not contraceptive.

Thanks a ton!

In: Pregnancy, Posted 4 years ago

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Could you please give a solution to my problem above

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Hello And Greetings from

Please find solution of your query in same question: These herbal supplements stimulate in toning up uterus, helps treating hormonal imbalance, to regulate uterine bleeding etc.

PCOD poly cystic ovarian disease as the name suggests in this case a women has various cyst in the ovary. Common cause of the Infertility in the women is PCOD. Sometimes  it is not diagnosed until person develops some symptoms like irregular menses, excess hair growth on the face and acne, hormonal imbalance, irregular periods and infertility in females. Irregular periods or disturbed menstrual cycle and many other problems related to the female reproductive system like uterine weakness and low immunity, infections, foul smell from genitalia etc are curable and positive treatment results have been received with ayurvedic medicines. 

Patients should have a low carbohydrate diet  and eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.  Lentils, chickpeas contain phytoestrogens, which reduces estrogen levels. You should drink lots of water and avoid coffee and alcohol. 


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